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As TGT Tekstil Gıda San ve Dış. Tic Ltd Sti , the purpose of this policy is to state our social responsibility principles and to emphasize the importance of social responsibility activities for our company.


For TGT Tekstil Gıda San ve Dış. Tic Ltd Sti, social responsibility is about how companies manage their business processes in a way that leaves a positive impact on society.

We work on 3 basic principles of corporate management;

• Transparency

• Fairness

• Accountability

Our company, which operates in line with its principles, works with a consumer-oriented approach that observes the public interest.

The main thing is to create economic value for each social stakeholder under sustainable and fair conditions.

For this reason, our social responsibility policy stands on supporting studies that will contribute to economic and social development in all our business processes, and being sensitive to the sustainable development of human capital and the issues that concern the society we live in. This policy covers our basic principles regarding our social responsibility approach.

Our Social Responsibility policy inludes;

A. Members of the Board of Directors,

B. Our company's directors and employees,

C. Our subsidiaries and affiliates and their employees.

This policy has been approved by our board of directors and guides us in the way we do business.


The main objective of this policy is to take our society forward by creating positive and sustainable economic and social impacts that respect universal values.


4.1.  Board of Directors

TGT Tekstil Gıda San ve Dış. Tic Ltd Sti’s Senior management plays a leading role in the implementation of the Social Responsibility Policy.

The Board of Directors is responsible for the notification, inspection and determination of the mechanisms in case of non-compliance with the policy, rules and regulations, and oversight of the business.

4.2. Quality Management and Human Resources

Social Responsibility Policy has been approved by the Senior Management. The Quality Management Representative is responsible for the preparation, development, updating and execution of this policy.

a. Sedex responsible to take the necessary measures to ensure that the employees comply with the policy principles,

b. Notifying the General Manager of the issues in order to examine the issues contrary to the policy,

c. The internal distribution of the prepared document is under the responsibility of the Quality Management Representative / Social responsibility manager.

4.3. TGT Tekstil Gıda San ve Dış. Tic Ltd Sti’s Employees

a. To comply with the policies of company,

b. Working in compliance with internal and external laws, standards and regulations,

c. In case of encountering a behavior, activity or practice contrary to the policy, Sedex is responsible for notifying the person in charge.